If your jewelry needs something done, Justice can do it!

We've done it all - rarely have we refused a challenge! From setting a baby horse tooth into a "Mommy's Ring" to restoring and preserving precious family heirlooms---Justice Jewelers can do it for you!

Of course, we offer the full range of services---- including jewelry and watch repair, restringing, and engraving.

But our special talent is in creating custom pieces for you with your own diamonds and gemstones. We absolutely love this type of work! We can reset your engagement diamond into a new and updated look that will earn you many compliments.

As you approach a big anniversary maybe you would you like to redo your engagement ring and wedding band into one spectacular piece. We can show you how!

Or let us create a new piece using your own small diamonds and colored gemstones. We promise you'll say, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Justice Jewelry is renowned for the scope, variety, and quality of services it provides to our customers. 


Jewelry Redesign

Here at Justice Jewelers we are known for our ability to breathe new life into older jewelry.  Our skilled sales associates have a talent for transforming old gems into stunning new pieces of jewelry.  Stop by and ask about our Before and After Showcase!

Diamond Remounting 

Need a new look for your diamond?  Is your current ring showing signs of wear?  At Justice we have an extensive collection of quality settings to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes or we can create a custom setting to bring your gems back to life!


Experts say you should have valuable items reappraised every three years to keep the values accurate.  Our skilled appraiser on staff is trained by the Gemological Institute of America. Bring us your jewelry for evaluation and we will provide an up-to-date appraisal with accurate descriptions and detailed photos.   Let us help you with this vital part of protecting your jewelry!

Jewelry Repair

We offer in-house services and repairs to help you preserve and care for your jewelry! From jewelry and watch repair, to cleaning, restringing and engraving, we do it all!


Accidents happen. Even the most solid necklace can get caught somewhere and suddenly snap. Whether the piece is a string of pearls or exotic beads, we can put it back together and replace any beads that are missing.

Watch Repair

Justice Jewelers has the skills and capabilities to repair almost any kind of timepiece.  From batteries to repairs you can trust your watches with us and know you'll get them back ready to run for years to come.

Old Jewelry and Estate Liquidation

People often find themselves with jewelry they've inherited or pieces they no longer wear and would like to sell. Determining the real value and best way to sell antique and estate jewelry pieces requires years of experience. Our trained staff and wide network of connections will ensure that you get the best value for your old jewelry. See our Jewelry Buying Brochure.

Gold Buying

What’s in your drawers? Many people find themselves with jewelry that they no longer wear.  Let us help you determine the real value of your gold jewelry or estate pieces.  Our trained staff and wide network of connections will ensure that you get the best value for your old jewelry.


Have a message you want to send today and through the ages? Justice Jewelers can put it on almost any piece of jewelry in any font, size or format you need. Our skilled engravers will work with you to design a message that perfectly fits the special meaning of your jewelry gift.