Justice Jewelers Diamond Guarantee


  •  We guarantee free replacement of your diamond, including all side diamonds for the lifetime of your jewelry if, in the course of normal wear, it’s lost from its original mounting. We take our responsibility very seriously and we will stand by you for the life of the diamond you purchased from Justice Jewelers.     

    • Our Justice Jewelers Diamond Guarantee covers diamond replacement. 

    • Purchase of our Lifetime Professional Care Plan at the time of your jewelry purchase, will also cover any parts, labor and refinishing associated with resetting your diamond.  If the Lifetime Professional Care Plan was not purchased at the time of purchase or the Professional Care plan has lapsed because the customer has not been in for their six-month inspection, the customer is responsible for any parts, labor and refinishing charges associated with resetting their diamond.

    • It is the customer’s obligation to purchase insurance for engagement rings containing a center diamond larger than 2.0 ct and diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire pendants greater than 2.0 cttw.  Justice Jewelers will not be liable for stone replacement beyond these size constraints for these categories. 

  • To retain your Guarantee, we ask that you bring your piece to us every 6 months for cleaning and evaluation by one of our Justice Jewelers Bench Experts. But, if you forget...

  • Upon checkup, once we determine the piece to be in good wearing condition, we will reinstate your guarantee.

  • Justice Jewelers offers a lifetime upgrade program for all our diamond bridal rings and diamond solitaire pendants and diamond stud earrings.

    • We will apply the purchase price of your original diamond purchase dollar for dollar towards a new loose diamond or new complete diamond engagement ring, diamond solitaire pendant or diamond stud earrings that is twice the price of your original.